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WaveGrip Cardboard Can Carriers
Paper-based and curbside recyclable, our Cardboard Can Carriers offer another option to meet the needs of today's environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Lightweight and curbside recyclable

  • Responsibly sourced paperboard from FSC-compliant forests

  • Compatible with multiple can sizes

  • Available in 4, 6 and 8-pack formats

  • Custom high-quality print to maximize shelf appeal

  • Locking-ring mechanism for optimized pack strength

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A Sustainable Choice

At WaveGrip™ we live by the motto that less is best when it comes to packaging. Each 6-pack cardboard can carrier weighs in at under 7 grams, considerably lighter than fully enclosed boxes and other alternatives.

As well as being lightweight, our cardboard can carriers are made with paperboard from responsibly sourced, FSC-compliant forests and are curbside recyclable.

Despite their lightweight, they are strong and easy to use, delivering impressive pack retention. This is all thanks to the carrier's unique 2-layer design, which creates a locking-ring mechanism. The result is a sturdy pack that stands up to the rigors of production and supply chain.


Unique Branding Possibilities

WaveGrip's™ Cardboard Can Carriers come in white or craft brown as standard and can be customized to include your brand message, promotions, and advertising for direct communication with customers.

Available in up to 10 colour print, these customizable carriers are ideal for grocery stores, convenience stores, and other retail locations. They enhance shelf appeal and will help you make a lasting impression on your customers.

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