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Vinco Automation is here to streamline, build, set up, and operate your facility processing, large or small, through automation. Whether it involves a new job or just updating your facility, we have the automation experts to do the
job right.


For service inquiries contact us at 1-888-208-4626 or

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We offer service and preventative maintenance to keep your business running smoothly. Our installation groups offer the highest quality service and are well equipped with all the tools required to complete a quality installation. Our group consists of dependable and dedicated personnel with years of hands-on experience that you can trust to complete your installation in a timely and efficient manner. An important aspect of our service/installation group is that many of our technicians have the unique expertise that combines both mechanical and PLC programming capabilities.

  • Engineering studies

  • Equipment relocation

  • Installation supervision and commissioning

  • Machine and/or line audits

  • Machine and/or line optimization

  • Maintenance personnel training

  • Mechanical and electrical installation

  • Production personnel training

  • Production support

  • Repair and maintenance

  • Risk assessments

  • Safety audits

  • Start-up assistance

  • Systems integration

  • Troubleshooting

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