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  1. All rates are subject to a minimum billing charge of eight (8) hours plus applicable travel expenses and other charges as specified below. 

  2. Regular (M-F 8:00am – 5:00pm) and Over Time rates will be charged according to local labor laws.  

  3. Mobilization and demobilization costs are not included in the rates above and will be charged.  Time will be charged for travel from point of origin to jobsite and return travel.  

  4. The inability to work due to customer delays or due to matters outside the reasonable control Vinco Automation including, but not limited to weather, travel, materials shortages, will be billed at the T&M rate to ensure an eight (8) hour day for the days of delay.  

  5. Vinco Automation will make every effort to redeploy scheduled resources to accommodate customer delays, however, if resources cannot be re-deployed, customer will be charged at T&M rate to ensure an eight (8) hour day for the days of delay.  

  6. These rates include payroll taxes, insurance, overhead and profit.  

  7. All travel costs (per diem, meals, lodging, mileage, etc.) to be billed as a pass-thru” cost. 

In addition to the above Rate Schedule, per diem (meals and lodging) is charged at $100.00 per day, if needed.  

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